Zen and the Art of Business Maintenance

As I write this, I’m sitting in the lobby of the Park Plaza hotel in Boston. Two Bloody Marys deep, I’ve just finished writing copy for High Touch Courses’ Summer Technology Camp website. I’m taking a moment for a little people watching. Before I continue, I should tell you that I hate the term “people watching” […]

Why having a hero matters

Early in my career, I was a journalist in the U.S. Navy. I wrote stories about my ship’s people and events for the San Diego press, performed photojournalist duties, managed our website, and edited the daily newsletter. (Later, I did much more interesting things, but that’s a different story for a different day.) In any case, two […]

How much should your startup spend on marketing?

I wrote an article not too long ago that discussed how to establish a marketing budget for your business. I figured I should drill down and explore this issue for startups in particular, because, hey, I’m in the startup industry. We’re not ones for subtlety, here. The fact is, many new businesses see marketing as […]

Establishing a marketing budget for your business.

“How much should I spend on marketing?” I get this question a lot as both President of ChapterTwo Marketing & Public Relations and as a SCORE volunteer. Unfortunately, most of the guidance floating around on this topic consists of nothing more than advice passed down through generations or simply numbers pulled out of the air. Therefore, I […]

Making a Case for Bangor as Retirement Destination.

Periodically, Bangor goes through this passionate phase of growth in which it wants — no, yearns — to retain and attract a youth contingent. Ideas are tossed around and people raise their voices to talk sternly about concepts like “brain drain” and “aging workforce.” Then there’s BUREAUCRACY and “someone-else-was-supposed-to-do-it”‘s and in the end, not a […]

Branding 101: It’s All Feeling

New Client: “I want to renew my brand.” Me: “OK, what exactly would you like to do?” NC: “I need a new logo, and I need a new brochure and business cards. I’m thinking about getting a new website, too.” Me: “What is your goal in doing this?” NC: “…to renew my brand!” I have […]

An Unpopular Opinion About Wal-Mart

There’s been a lot of opinion and activity recently about the perceived wage disparity between employees and executives at various organizations. I’m specifically talking about the recent protests at WalMart and various fast food establishments, though I know the sentiment runs broader than that. I generally stay away from voicing opinions online. The resulting conversations […]